Everyone has a story, perhaps one that could break your heart



I am a storyteller and a street & travel photographer, born and raised in Hong Kong.

I have developed my passion for photography since I was sixteen. Over the course of my career as a creative brand consultant, I have travelled both for work and leisure to over 60 countries.  


My global-trekking adventures have provided me life-changing experiences exploring and understanding humanity. Hence my passion and photographic work focuses mainly on portraits and street photography, capturing faces, emotions and lives around the world that would otherwise be overlooked.


Being a brand strategist in my previous professional life, I helped multinational brands strategise brand stories and innovate customer experience. Throughout my career, I’ve developed an interest to understand people’s deeper needs and to connect the missing links through storytelling.


Currently living in Portugal, I am working on bigger things that could help make good impact on earth while travelling around the world. I’d love for you to explore the world and feel how people live their lives through my pictures.

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